Professional Employer Organization

Professional Employer Organization Service

Professional Employer Organization Service

Stratrich, your trusted PEO service provider, offers expert guidance for global business growth. We connect you with India’s talent pool, from tech experts to legal resources, reducing your administrative load.

Our strategic approach empowers your organization to access various professionals, including technology developers, ITES workforce, digital marketers, data scientists, CAD designers, and many more. With a commitment to PEO services, we streamline your operations and support exponential growth.

International PEO service

We will provide you with everything you’ll need to create an international workforce of the highest calibre while saving you from the complexities of establishing a local entity. You can focus on your core business and strategies while Stratrich hires new employees anywhere in India based on your needs.

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    Our Aim

    Our aim is to make the hiring process of international teams quicker and more efficient.

    Our Services

    We help international companies hire resources and efficiently shoulder their workload, keeping costs to a minimum. Stratrich ensures quick payments and a well-managed resource and independent contractor process. You can relax and concentrate on your everyday tasks. It also includes:

    Select and onboard the ideal candidate with us for your needs.
    As an employer on record, we assume all responsibilities, mitigating risks and ensuring legal compliance
    Our experts manage end-to-end candidate onboarding.