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At Stratrich Consulting, we’ve transformed the dream of business ownership into reality for countless entrepreneurs. Our Business Setup Service simplifies the intricate path of establishing a successful venture, ensuring you hit the ground running. We help you to incorporate Legal entities, companies, branch offices, LLP’s Liaison offices and Project offices and many more depending on business jurisdictions you choose.

Drawing from our rich experience and deep understanding of local regulatory frameworks, we ensure your business foundation is strong, compliant, and poised for growth.

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    Key Service Advantages

    In today’s fast-paced business landscape, success hinges on staying ahead of the competition. To help your business thrive in this dynamic environment, we offer a suite of exceptional service with the following distinctive USPs:

    Our streamlined registration process eliminates bureaucratic hassles, allowing your business to launch promptly.
    We're your dedicated partner from formation to expansion, offering comprehensive solutions.
    We simplify compliance, ensuring effortless adherence to changing regulations.
    Maximizing returns, minimizing costs in today's competitive landscape is our focus.
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    Challenges we address

    In the ever-evolving global business arena, enterprises face a multitude of challenges that demand astute management and strategic prowess.

    Our service will help you overcome many challenges including:

    Navigating regulatory frameworks.
    Understanding cultural nuances
    Adapting to market trends
    Ensuring financial compliance

    What we offer

    We guide foreign entities on selecting the optimal business entity, assisting in the setup or incorporation of various entities like Companies (Public or Private), LLC, S- Corp, C-Corp, LLPs, Project offices, Liaison offices, Branch offices depending on the country where they require there business to be set up. Our comprehensive services involve drafting charter documents, filing necessary forms, and liaising with authorities to ensure a smooth incorporation process. As a part of Business setup services, we also handle initial registrations, Trade Licences, Tax Identification numbers, VAT /GST/ Sales Tax registration etc.