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In the intricate world of business, having the right team is crucial especially if you are expanding globally. At Stratrich Consulting, we understand that recruiting isn’t just about filling vacancies—it’s about aligning your organization’s vision with the right talent.
Entrust us with your HR & recruitment needs, and watch your business ascend to unparalleled heights.

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    Key Service Advantages
    Our HR & Recruitment service excels in talent acquisition, offering tailored solutions, swift candidate sourcing, and a deep understanding of industry-specific needs, ensuring top-tier hires for your organization.
    Utilizing HR tech for streamlined talent acquisition.
    Aligns hiring with long-term vision for sustained growth.
    Expertise in retention: reducing turnover, boosting satisfaction, and productivity.
    Global Talent Network: Access global talent, transcending borders.

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    Challenges we address

    The present business landscape presents a host of unique challenges for organizations. In the quest for sustained success and competitiveness, enterprises must confront several critical issues:

    Bridging skill gaps effectively.​
    Navigating ever-changing recruitment laws.​
    Ensuring cultural fit for global roles.​
    Reducing turnover and increasing employee satisfaction.

    What we offer

    Hiring a dedicated permanent employee, a country manager with local market expertise, is crucial for global businesses. They serve as a single point of contact, enabling efficient operations and local talent management.

    Stratrich offers comprehensive global HR support services, facilitating the establishment and administration of HR operations. Our services encompass employment documentation, employee handbooks, remuneration guidance, tax compliance, labour regulations, and policy implementation, fostering seamless integration with global HR frameworks.

    Facilitating seamless cross-border mobility. Our expertise and commitment ensure a smooth transition for individuals and businesses navigating the complex world of immigration and relocation.