Global immigration


Global Immigration

Recruiting an international workforce in India poses visa and immigration challenges. At Stratrich, we excel in managing these complexities. Our expertise lies in securing the appropriate Indian visas and work permits for your overseas employees.

We provide personalized support that aligns with your specific needs and objectives. Whether you’re expanding your workforce or relocating employees, our team is equipped to make the process hassle-free and successful.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond paperwork. We offer on-the-ground assistance, helping your expatriates acclimate to their new environment. From local logistics to cultural adaptation, Stratrich ensures a holistic approach to international workforce recruitment in India.

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    Your Passport to the World

    Seamless solutions for your international relocation needs.

    How we help

    Beyond just processing paperwork, we decipher intricate immigration laws, ensuring your move is compliant and efficient. With our expertise, you focus on the journey while we handle the destination.

    Policy guidance on Indian immigration and related compliance
    Support services for work permits & legal registrations etc
    Aiding in visa applications