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Stratrich offers professional tax compliance tax accounting services to businesses and owners across all US States. Maximize your tax savings and file with utmost assurance, backed by a team committed to addressing both your business and personal tax requirements.
Within the United States, besides federal tax, individual states and local jurisdictions also separately impose their own taxes, and state Departments of Revenue, Comptroller’s offices, or similar agencies generally enforce such taxes at the state level. Certain local taxes, such as real and personal property taxes, are enforced by local taxing authorities or similar agencies.
While some state and local income and business taxes are calculated in a manner similar to federal income taxes, many state and local taxes deviate to varying degrees from federal tax calculations or simply do not have a comparable federal counterpart, so specific attention should be paid to the state and local taxes applicable in the jurisdictions in which a company conducts business and into which it sells or delivers products and services.

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    Deciphering U.S. Tax Complexities

    Tax return compliance services at Stratrich include the compliance of both federal and state tax returns for individuals (1040), corporations (1120, 1120-S), partnerships (1065), estate (706), trust (1041), and non-profit organizations (990). 

    Tailored Tax Support for Seamless Operations

    As part of managing your entity’s compliance, we provide exceptional tax services to businesses with varying financial needs. These tax services include all small, medium, and large business sizes.
    Business Tax Returns
    State and Local Tax Returns
    Estate tax returns
    Individual Tax Returns
    Tax Credits and Incentives
    Non-profit tax preparation services